Pur Blanche Warm Cleansing Gel 100G

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Hot Cleansing Gel from Pur Blanche sequence, by NAKAICHI. Pur Blanche sequence includes plenty of beauty ingredients from several points of view, like anti aging, antioxidant, anti-glycation, hydrating etc. Crucial ingredients of Pur Blanche sequence are Damask Rose Extract (Oil, Water etc.), Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract, and Cherry Blossom Flower Extract. The Warm Cleansing Gel EX has ninety % plus of beauty essences, like Pur Blanche's standard components like Damask Rose Extract, Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract along with Cherry Blossom Flower Extract. The heat impact of glycerin can make skin hotter, which opens the skin pores and also eliminates dirt and enhances blood circulation and also encourages metabolism. The fragrance of Damask Rose.

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