Moisture Lotion 150Ml

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Two-fold collagen moisturizes the surface area of the skin of yours, penetrates deep in to the stratum corneum. By supporting the construction of new collagen, hyaluronic acid. Dampness can last. 4 hyaluronic acids accumulate a lot of moisture in the stratum corneum to boost the moisture content of your skin. It results in the skin of yours with lots of texture. nine additives (fragrance, mineral oil, ethanol, silicon, surfactant, parabens, coloring, classic labeling designated ingredients) not included. Mixed a rare Edelweiss extract. Yuzu extract which firms the epidermis, arranges the texture as well as manuals it with the epidermis of the ladle. Aloe extract as well as Okinawa mozuku extract to keep your skin be fresh together with the moisturizing effect. For actions against uv rays and also epidermis troubles Chlorea and Kakkonkisu extract like mixed hydrating as well as beauty ingredients very well balanced. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity and allow it to be put on to the whole skin.

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