Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 2 Types

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01 Brown The traditional murky gradation without any pearls, making doll like eyes which are organic but hitting. Make use of a highlight color to highlight the reduced lids for an even sweeter appearance. This particular eyeshadow palette permits you to delight in the shades while they are. two Gray Pink Contains 4 sorts of colors, it is able to assist your to create dimension as well as levels, so you are able to have deep eyes. The grey colors complement with red color as a concentration, it is able to provide you the sensation of satisfaction with beautiful. How you can use: Colors form still left to directly as A, D, C as well as B. For starters, use C and B in top of the eyelid and orbital as a starting, then enhance 1/3 of eye mind with B. Use A on the reduced lid in the conclusion of the eye of yours, then utilize D as top of the eye line.

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