Relax Conditioner 300Ml

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Conditioner which offers a sweet, joyful white floral scent which often will last right through to the next morning. Revitalized by using a brand new fragrance as well as sensation of dampness. A beauty essences formula, supplying abundant dampness to the hair of yours while simultaneously providing nutritional requirements and repairing damaged or dry hair, rendering it manageable and smooth. Brings you glossy tresses whereby your fingers slide extremely quickly. While beauty essences, which includes argane engine oil, provide fluids to the hair style of yours, gentle acids suitably firm up the cuticles of yours. Moreover , stops friction harm to the hair of yours throughout rinsing away, giving a lustrous and sleek finish. The sleek foundation envelops the surface area of the hair of yours in a consistent coating, giving a glossy, sparkling jewel finish whereby the fingers of yours will slide extremely quickly. Color treatment formulation which increases the hold of hair color. Repairs harm due to coloring the hair of yours and in addition inhibits the fading of color. Cuticle tightening representative, hair covering representative as well as color keeping CMC fix representative formulation. Fragrance of fragrant white floral bouquet. A pure and translucent, modern and clean design. A fairly easy white bottle which blends well to the bath room of yours, with a crystal motif cap reminiscent of a diamond. The best way to Use: Remove extra water after shampooing, now take a suitable quantity on the palm of the hands of yours, work in the hair of yours and after that completely wash. Pack Size - 300ml

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